“The Madrid-based teen ’zine has become a cult read for the fashion set and anyone interested in the city’s burgeoning youth culture scene (bushy guybrows and all)”

EY! MAGATEEN is a colorful and fun publication celebrating the magnificent vitality, energy and power of young male adulthood. Each new issue is a monograph dedicated to a specific city or country where teenagers and young men between the ages of 16 and 21 are featured in photographs accompanied by responses to a not- so-standard Q&A.


«The world of print is a better place for the presence of Luis Venegas. The Madrid- based publisher is passionate about magazines, and, over the course of a dozen years, he’s managed to translate his ardour into a mini-empire, with titles such as Fanzine137, a lavish biannual that pays tribute to his personal heroes and style icons, and The Printed Dog, people and their pets shot by some of the world’s best- known photographers. That’s one thing all Venegas’s magazines have in common: a formidable roster of contributors, who, he claims, relish the opportunity to flex their creative muscle in the no-holds-barred context he offers them. His publications also share a creative vision whose enthusiasms are as personal as they are obsessive — and diverse. (…) There are few words more powerful and more debated in the fashion industry at the moment. Which is why Venegas’s masterstroke may well be his 2009 launch, C☆NDY. Venegas had been stewing over the idea of a fashion and style magazine, but he craved something more relevant than the glossy industry standard. “What group of people deserve to be celebrated?,” he asked himself. Voilá! C☆NDY, “the first transversal style magazine.”

“Just when everyone was preparing for fashion print publishing’s dying breath, Luis Venegas has reacquainted the industry with his love of hard-to-find magazines. Produced in severely limited editions, his labours of love FANZINE137, EY! MAGATEEN and CANDY (…) prove that fashion publishing has a healthy future if it serves a niche of fellow enthusiasts.”